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Televideo 950 Video Terminal

Televideo (once Televideo Systems, Inc.) is no longer the significant player in the character-cell video-terminal business that it once was. In January 2005, Neoware bought the Televideo thin-client business, including TVI 990 and 995 terminals.

A few other vendors now sell equipment that can emulate Televideo terminals. (Such vendors include Wyse Technology and Boundless Systems.)

(In this day and age I suppose it is necessary to say that a classic "Televideo" terminal is not an apparatus for transmitting full-motion TV camera images for remote conferencing.)

The page you are viewing concentrates on the particular features of Televideo terminals and emulations of them. For information that applies in general to all video terminals, see the general information page. For information on terminals from a multitude of different vendors, see the various terminals page.

The Stratus V101 is a Televideo 950. The V102 terminal is a Televideo 955 equipped with the 2-page memory option. A Stratus V103 is a Link MC-5 (operated in TVI 955 mode). However, the Stratus V105 is a different genus: it's a Boundless 4000/160 terminal with ANSI keyboard, running in VT320/7-bit mode.

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Here I try to put links to any Televideo terminal emulations available from Internet sources. I don't know if they are any good, but perhaps you will find use for these.

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